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Today, we are going to talk about a few things! First of all, be sure to look at this wonderful game called brave frontier guide – rpg! It is one of the best in town! Look at this video and you will know why.

How can you not like this game? :D

There is also another amazing one called clash of clans strategy guide for beginners. It can help you defeat your enemies quickly using a good and reliable strategy. I honestly think you should check it out here:

Tooth Composition

Your teeth might look simple on the surface, but every part of them, save for enamel, is made of living tissue. There are three different kinds of significant tissues in the top layer of enamel that affect oral as well as overall health.

The only tissue that has no living cells, which makes it incapable of repairing itself from decay or damage, is enamel and only a dentist can fix it. Enamel covers the crown of a tooth, which is the hardest material in your body. Another hard tissue containing microscopic tubules or small hollow canals lies right under the enamel is the dentin. You feel pain when dentin loses enamel, because the tubules will allow heat, cold, acidic, and sticky foods to fire up tooth’s nerves and cells, sending pain to your brain.

Dentin is surrounded by another hard tissue called cementum. It is composed of water, fibrous tissue and inorganic material, its function is to attach tooth root to the periodontal ligament, which has collagen and fastens the root to the tooth socket. Inside your tooth is the pulp, the only soft tissue, where nerves and blood vessels are located.

Brushing too vigorously, poor oral health, allowing tartar accumulate the gum line, aging, untreated cavities, cracked or leaked filling, receding gums or gum surgery that reveals roots, using whitening for teeth having uncovered roots, and consuming too much acidic foods and drinks are some causes of enamel erosion which would lead to revealing the dentin and resulting to many problems.

When you feel pain eating hard foods like popcorn, you probably have a cracked or broken filling. If ignored, the decay might spread throughout the tooth. The feeling of something hard bone-like piece in your mouth signals a crack in the tooth. If eating cold food such as ice cream or drinking cold drinks produces pain, there might be some problem involving the dentin or pulp, if yes, tooth decay, too much pressure applied due to clenching or grinding or a cracked tooth might be the cause.

Using metals in a silver filling conduct coldness easily, spreading to the pulp. Bonded, tooth-colored, or fillings requires acid to etch the tooth before the filling is placed. Sometimes, this etching damages enough enamel to create sensitivity. New bonding procedures, though, now make this less possible.

Dentist Teeth Cleaning

Dentist Teeth Cleaning

If you notice sensitivity for more than two weeks, it would be best to call your dentist. He or she can recommend product that might be helpful to you like fluoride rinse, toothpaste, or other pain relieving products. In some cases, the painful reaction of your teeth towards hot and cold drink signals the death of your tooth nerve, you should immediately refer it to the dentist to reduce the risk of spreading the pain throughout your body.

Prevent problems by flossing your teeth once a day, brushing your teeth at least twice a day, eating healthy diet and visiting your dentist regularly. You might not need a filling if you have nutrient-containing saliva that your mouth needs. Dentist in Port st lucie fl can help.

People who experiences dry mouth often used mouthwashes, gels and other products to wash away food particles. If you are one of those, feel free to talk to your dentist about it.

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